Sydney Tamiia Poitier: A multiracial actress who takes on roles for African American women

Actress Sydney Tamiia Poitier is the daughter of the great African American actor Sydney Poitier. Poitier’s mother is a caucasian woman named Joanna Shimkus, who is also a famous Canadian actress. Poitier is a multiracial woman who has a light skin complexion. Many people assume that she is a black woman because of her appearance.


Multiracial actors in Hollywood sometimes find it difficult to land roles because of their multicultural make-up. In America, most light skin people are considered black, which sometimes creates a lot of resentment and confusion, because many of them don’t label themselves as African-Americans.

The one drop rule is a controversial racial identifier that has been around since the days of slavery. This rule simply states that if a black and white person has a baby then the child is considered a black person within society. A lot of multiracial children find this rule to be unfair and in some cases demeaning.

Poitier does not seem to mind being cast into roles that have been designed for African American women. Even though she is a mixed woman, many people would naturally have a hard time seeing her as white. Audiences and fans enjoy seeing Poitier in the roles that she has been selected to play. That’s because she’s a very decent actress who can keep a person’s attention with her talent and beauty.

Read full story via Sydney Tamiia Poitier: A multiracial actress who takes on roles for African American women | News | Fans Share.


6 thoughts on “Sydney Tamiia Poitier: A multiracial actress who takes on roles for African American women

  1. She is Black and she looks Black so why wouldn’t she play Black women? I didn’t even know her mother is white. Perhaps I need to click the link to understand the problem here lol


    • She looks mixed and she is mixed. Everyone knows that she is mixed. She doesn’t look full black and she doesn’t have black hair. I never seen blacks who look like her. Blacks like you need to stop being delusional and be proud of your race and stop claiming mixed people. I never seen other races act like black people. She looks allot like her mother who is only half white!. Her mother is half Jewish and half white. She would still look mixed if she was dark. Whites use mixed people for movies because they think they are better than blacks!. Your comment is very racist.


      • A lot of what you stated can also be considered racist or the very least prejudiced. And, I will always claim people mixed with Black/African heritagee. Whether they agree or not, they are Black. I also am the mother to a mixed child, so there is no way I ain’t claiming her.


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