Black Mothers Are the Worst? 

blackchildrenIf Google predicts its auto-completed search terms based on their popularity with users, one has to wonder just what exactly black mothers have done to the world.

When you Google the phrase “Black mothers are…” the first auto-populated result is “…the worst,” followed by “…abusive,” and then two questions wondering just how many of those black mothers were single. (There is no equivalent for white or Asian mothers, though the term “Hispanic mothers are” pulls up “in Hispanic families mothers are respected as healers.”)

The results are telling of the dated perceptions around black women and their families. They slap of racist rhetoric and stereotypes that can be traced back to the Reagan era’s trumped-up welfare queen — the myth of single black mothers who saw their numerous children as nothing more than taxpayer-subsidized paychecks — and “crack babies.” Add to that a number of other race-based social phenomenon that stole the headlines in the past (inner city violence, black-on-black crime), and you can begin to see just how the idea that “Black mothers are the worst” came to be.

Read full story via Black Mothers Are the Worst? | Anthonia Akitunde.


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