Interracial Marriage: Black Women More Likely To Marry White Men Than Other Non-Black Men

Couple hugging in urban areaBy Denise R.

Usually quite less active relating to the interracial dating scene in comparison with other female races, Black women are becoming more open to the idea of dating non-Black men. As the statistics consistently strengthen, we’ve found that Black female and White male matrimony rates are a lot greater than every other non-black group. Black females are more inclined to date and then wed White men than wed Hispanic and Asian men.

In 2008, 14.6% of all marital partnerships were interracial marriages. Of that number, 11% of the marriages were Black/White weddings. Statistics reveal that 58% of the Black women who were in interracial marriages wedded White men. That is a big percentage of Black females who participate in interracial relationships. Only 6.9% of White men who married non-White women married Black.This is an incredibly small percentage of the group of non-White women that White men choose to marry.

As the Black gals White guys combination gets more tolerable in the United States and all over the world, these stats will certainly increase. The recent increases in Black women and White men relationships can easily be linked to the movie industry and their many depictions of interracial couples in movies such as The Words, The Bodyguard and many other movies where Black females and White males are involved in an intimate relationship together.

black-women-white-men-interracialWithin non-White/non-Black unions, Black females only married Hispanic men 24% of the time. And just 4.8% of these Black ladies in this number of interracial unions married Asian men. This is a very small percentage of the total 14.6% of interracial unions executed in 2008. Black women and those belonging to the “Other” group (Native American, Biracial… ) married at a rate of 11.6% – which is over twice as many as the rate for Black females and Asian males. This certainly does not mean that Black women are not interested in Asian men or vice versa.

Various ideas can be drawn based on these statistics. One could believe that Black females are not as attracted to Asian men as they are White men. Or that perhaps Black women may not be as appealing to non-Black men – hence the small percentages of marriages within interracial unions which involve Black women. These ideas probably do not take into account several important elements. Black females are much less likely to participate in an interracial union than their White, Hispanic and Asian counterparts. As Black women find themselves more open and available to in interracial relationships, I am sure these proportions will certainly grow quite drastically.

Denise R. is a freelance writer and the owner of the Milk & Mocha interracial community. Join the free website at

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3 thoughts on “Interracial Marriage: Black Women More Likely To Marry White Men Than Other Non-Black Men

    • My sister repeated that statement for almost half a decade until after 2 failed marriages she stumbled upon someone who made her feel.. like she can live…not just exist..and he just happened to be White…


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